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Well, let’s read the review first.

Millions of people from across the world shop for their basics from Amazon. Similarly, a massive number of sellers opt for Amazon to boost their businesses. With the ever-increasing demand in the market, sellers often remain confused about the products to offer and the ones not to.

If you are aspiring to dive into the world ofe-commerce, the best place to start will be Amazon FBA business. It is nothingbut a setup by Amazon where the seller gets to choose the product he shouldsell, find a supplier, pack, and then ship it for delivery. All this is done inone of the many fulfillment centers of Amazon.


An essential factor in starting a business is finding the product to be sold. Having good knowledge of what to offer to boost your business is vital before you start selling on Amazon.

Thorough research and analysis of the market are necessary, to begin with. 

Tonot get buried by low prices of similar products or incorrect pricing, you haveto find the precise mix of demand and competition.

JungleScout can help you analyze tons of data and focus on things that matter.

Greg Mercer founded Jungle Scout in 2014. Various statistics showhow Jungle Scout has risen from being underrated to the best amazon consultantin the market over time.

After using it thoroughly for my various FBA accounts, Ihave enough data to affirm that it is one of the most extensive tools for allAmazon sellers.

Let’stake a closer look at what this tool is and how it works.

What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a tool that helps in analyzing andsorting the mountain of goods to discover the best products on Amazon, whichcan be profitable for your business.

In other words, Jungle Scout is aproduct search tool that lets an online seller examine the product database forAmazon.


The sellers can quickly analyze the best-sellingproducts and how they can optimize the product listing. It has become one ofthe best product research tools for Amazon FBA business.

It also offers a web app and Chrome extension, lettingyou access the detailed analysis and information almost instantly.


It provides you with all the essential information,like bestseller ranks, reviews, research keywords, and also competitor brandsand products.

Jungle Scout tends to be an excellent tool for bothshort- and long-term outcomes. It saves you time and also gives you leads for abetter business strategy.

What Does Jungle Scout Do?

Jungle Scout is associated with various product-relatedresearches. The main reason for Jungle Scout being so popular is the fiercecompetition among the sellers. It is challenging to find transparency in such avast competitive arena. Randomly found data can be misleading and often fake.

The accessibility to such information, which gives youunparalleled insight into the aspects of trading, is almost invaluable.

This knowledge helps you lead a business that isscalable as well as repeatable. 

One of the most critical functionsof Jungle Scout is tracking. It tracks the various statistics of a product likeits daily, weekly, or monthly sales, reviews, and customer ratings.


Besides giving you an insight into the performances ofvarious products, the tool also monitors the listings, day-to-day sales, andeven the fluctuations in sales of the competitors. This information gives youan advantage over the contenders. 

Jungle Scout pinpoints the products available onAmazon’s catalog which meet your criteria. You need to input your data, and youare provided with several listings you could choose from.

Ithelps you find the niche products that you would sell and the potential of itto add value to your business.

Features of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout by Amazon is packed with user-orientedfeatures. It is a complete software suite to grow your business. 

We will now take a look at the features and how theyindividually help in the process of boosting productivity.

#1. Product Database 


It has a hugely comprehensivedatabase that contains more than 70 million products that are available onAmazon. You can choose the product that matches your ideas and explore itsopportunities.

The preset filters let you set the categories as per your requirements, like sales rank, estimated sales and revenue, and many more. The products you choose get automatically synced with your tracker. You can easily view the product’s ranking for better decision-making while surfing products on global marketplaces. Also, an easy-to-use profit calculator shows all the fees for products. 

#2. Product Tracker 


One of the most extensively used features of the tool isproduct tracker, which tracks the performance of the potential products forbetter and informed business decisions. 

Using this feature, you can track the sales and therevenue of the selected products regularly. It not only monitors the metricsbut also provides ease of use wherein you can create separate lists forproducts within the Product Tracker. 

#3. Opportunity Finder 


The exceptionalfeature Opportunity Finder helps you discover profitable products. It tracksthe emerging trends and fresh products for which there is high demand yet lowcompetition. 

It shows you the trends and performance of products overtime using graphs and charts. It gives you results like average price, unitssold daily, and the search volume of the commodity. 

In the end, it shows a niche score out of 10, which isbased on the product’s demand, quality of the listing, and competition. It ispurely a data-backed algorithm that drives a more business-oriented approach tothe search process.

#4. Supplier Database 


A critical part of selling is acquiring, which means sourcing the products. Jungle Scout has a solution to this as well. 

TheSupplier Database within Jungle Scout provides you with a list of alllegitimate suppliers from across the world. It ensures that the supplier isverified by checking its customer volume as well as the confirmedshipments. 

There is again a Match Score based on the product youare searching for and its available brands or company or any supplier name. Incase you do not want to invest in a vast lot of products at one time, you cancheck for the factories near you, which accept small-quantity orders, from theSupplier Database.


The feature further lets you manage and compare quotesfrom suppliers as well as generate purchase orders. Also, you can quicklyidentify the exact supplier of a product using the ASIN (Amazon SupplierIdentification Number).

#5. Keyword Scout 


If you are looking out for an e-commerce business, youare probably well acquainted with keywords and their impact. The Keyword Scoutfeature is a keyword research tool within Jungle Scout. 

KeywordScout helps you find the most accurate and high-ranking keywords to get yourproduct noticed on the Amazon platform. 

It works by pulling in millions of data depicting whatthe customers are searching for. Using these comprehensive keyword searchvolumes, you can find the competing products, their PPC (pay-per-click) costs,and impression rates. 

It allows you to target both the regional and globalmarket using the high-converting keywords. You can view how a keyword hasperformed for up to two years in the past. The monthly and weekly trends datagives you a clear idea of the popularity and seasonality of the keywords. 


With Keyword Scout, you can understand how products andlistings hold up against the competition and use it to the benefit of yoursales and revenue. 

#6. Launch 


Jungle Scout now allows you to send targeted customerpromotion e-mails to increase sales while encouraging customer reviews.Personalized e-mails have forever been a better way to earn positive reviewsand engagement from customers. 

The Launch feature supports up toeight marketplaces across the world, including Canada, United States, Mexico,France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

#7. Academy                                  


Learn more and better ways and techniques to sell from acollection of educational videos and other resources.

#8. Sales Analytics 


Keep a controlled track of your sales and business withthis innovative feature within Jungle Scout. 

The feature tracks and organizes all your Amazon sales data to understand your performance as a seller while suggesting you cost-cutting strategies to make it better each time.

 #9. Inventory Manager


Calculating your stock and demand in the market is asignificant part of sales. This feature gives you a clear indication of thevolume of an order you should place and when. It helps you avoid overstockingand other fees. 

Jungle Scout also has an alert feature that keeps you updated about the changes in a product’s price, reviews, and others.

Jungle Scout Extension


The Chrome extension of Jungle Scout makes it a smoothand faster way to access various information. The extension adds a plug-inright away to your browser.

It is nothing but an extension of web-based software. The extension provides a quick view of vital information about products. 

There are two versions of the Chrome extension: Pro and Lite.

Difference between the Pro and Lite Versions

There are different features of each version. The maindifference between the two versions is the level of business a seller is into.The Pro version is a more feature-packed version developed mostly for advancede-commerce businesses, while the Lite version is a more affordable one designedfor beginners. 

The features included in the Lite version are the following:

  • Monthly sales and revenues 
  • Review and rating tracker
  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • Seller and category ranking
  • Support and updates

The Pro version has the following added features apart from the one already available in the Lite version:

  • Profit calculator
  • Web app advanced integration
  • Weight and dimension of products
  • Types of seller’s estimator (FBA,FME, etc.)
  • Opportunity score

The Chrome extension of Jungle Scout supports only onedevice at a time.

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout

Like every other tool, Jungle Scout also comes with aconsiderable number of benefits while falling behind in some aspects. 


  • User-friendly 
  • Accurate estimations
  • Premium customer care


  • Extensions are high on budget
  • Extensions do not support more thansingle-device usage
  • Limited features in Lite version

How to activate Jungle Scout discount?

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Jungle Scout Black Friday Deal: Conclusion

Jungle Scout provides you with all the necessaryinformation that is crucial at this age, where e-commerce is flourishing. It isa great platform to initiate a new FBA business or thrive in an existingone. 

Jungle Scout is a great choice when looking at thevarious tools and features it offers for business development. It is useful inits ways to find the right product for sale, depending on the region, cost, orscale. 

The information that Jungle Scout offers is not onlycomprehensive but also has the potential to drive prospective customers, inturn helping you to make better-informed business decisions.

Most users review Jungle Scout to have intuitivefunctionality, which is accurate. The features in the tool let you create a setof criteria of your own for each set of products that you decide to sell.

These aspects add to an excellent tool, which is great for learning both the basics of online sales as well as an advanced, successful business.