SEMRush Black Friday deal is here.

How many times did you try to find out ways to improve organic traffic for your website and felt miserable as your rankings did not improve even though you have invested a handsome amount for the same.

To improve your organic traffic, the marketer needs to do rigorous research to identify creative ways to build websites’ authority, which will convince search engines to rank higher in SERP.

You can go to Google and search for online marketing research tools; you will get a ton of suggestions, both free and paid, that you can leverage to do the research.

That said, there are so many tools available that a layman will get confused about which one to choose.

Today, I am going to share my experience and review of one such tool called SEMRush.

SEMRush has helped so many businesses improve their websites’ search engine rankings and convert prospects online.

I am sure, after reading this review, you will get to know whether SEMRush is the ideal choice for you.

Before diving deep into this, let’s have a quick overview of this tool and the brand SEMRush.

SEMRush Black Friday – A Quick Overview

SEMRush is a renowned multinational company that provides an interactive toolkit to online advertisers and business owners research to research digital marketing activities.

SEMRush is invented as a team of digital marketing, and IT professionals aspired to make online advertising more transparent and reliable to everyone.

SEMRush Black Friday

Therefore, they teamed up to create a tool, and that’s how SEMRush was born. Today, SEMRush is established in four beautiful countries, which are two continents across the globe.

Total, SEMRush has got 6 luxurious offices to provide impeccable solutions to agencies and marketers around the world.

This company has literally paved its way from being a small startup to a multinational company.

SEMRush now has more than 650 human resources, which continuously strive to provide quality research solutions in the online marketing vertical.

The credibility of business is determined by the way other leading brands see it.

Speaking of trust and brand image, SEMRush has been trusted by leading online platforms like Quora,, HP, eBay, and dozens of other marketing and advertising agencies and freelancers.

These guys have a wide range of partners from different segments like affiliate, educational, technical, and agency. Some big names are Razor Social, SEO Book, HubSpot, Majestic, etc.

So far, the tool has gathered information about 15 billion keywords, 114 local areas, and 580 million domains across the internet.

Let’s understand what makes SEMRush unique among the rest of the other online marketing tools.

Pros of SEMRush Black Friday Deal – Why You Should Use It?

Get Everything You Need to Know About SEO

How many times you have to move to different tools and resources to manage and execute various SEO activities like — keyword research, rank tracking, PPC research, backlink profile, site audit, etc.

With SEMRush, you get everything under one roof. Starting from a technical SEO audit, you can determine what the current situation of your website is.

The SEO audit report will help you determine critical areas of the tool.

You can also track the positions of your landing pages concerning a particular set of keywords. You don’t have to do a manual check to determine whether your website is ranking for the desired keyword or not.

When you are talking about SEO, you can’t ignore the impact of backlinks. With the help of SEMRush, you can not only determine the current backlinks but identify potential opportunities to gain backlink juice from relevant high authority websites.

Effective PPC Analysis

PPC advertisements can give you a leading edge in achieving quick online. You have got search and display networks to leverage yours for bringing people to your websites and generate conversions.

These PPC campaigns can give you choices of different objectives as per your requirement.

With SEMRush, along with keyword research for search ads, you can also research display advertisements.

SEMRush Black Friday deal

You can research keywords and creatives for your display advertisements. You can also determine how competitors are doing their PPC campaigns to analyze the market.

For all the eCommerce enthusiasts out there, SEMRush also helps in Google shopping ads. You can do comprehensive research by knowing the average CPC for your ads.

The user-friendly layout of the SEMrush will let you know the average cost-per-click, highest cost-per-click, and lowest cost-per-click for a particular keyword and a specific geographical location.

Dynamic Social Media Analysis

SEMRush also does not hold back in providing social media analysis to marketers. You can uncover popular campaigns and social media activities of your competitors using this tool.

You can also track your social media accounts and get an idea of how many reach, engagements, and impressions you have got.

If you are too busy to share social media creatives on your channels, then SEMRush has got you covered. The tool allows you to schedule posts of 5 social media platforms.

Furthermore, you also get a built-in link and caption editor along with shortening your URLs for customized analysis. SEMRush also supports a Google Chrome extension for useful social media analysis.

Get Productive Content Marketing Analysis

Now, you no longer have to worry about brainstorming persuasive title and content ideas for your blog, social media, or email marketing campaigns.

You can dynamically verify what type of content users are interacting and loving throughout the web. You can tailor your content marketing activities based on the analysis provided by SEMRush.

You can also build a robust editorial calendar and share it with your team members so that everybody can stay on the same page.

You can optimize your articles and content so that they are SEO-friendly and can get easily ranked for relevant keywords on search engine result pages.

Dynamic Reporting and Robust Support

SEMRush will let you export reports and data from the tool to your local system with just a couple of clicks.

If you want to research more comprehensively for your online marketing activities, you can also export by downloading them on your systems. Then you can embed those reports or use it for the reference of future campaigns.

When it comes to supporting, SEMRush does not hold back in providing phone and email support to its customers.

You can reach out to the team through these two mediums and resolve your questions adequately.

Cons – Read This Before Buying

Too Expensive

Marketers and business owners can understand the importance of funds on project execution.

If you are on a very tight budget, then I would recommend you to simply move to other tools because SEMRush is extremely expensive for small to medium size businesses.

Among all the other tools on the web, SEMRush is one of the costliest.

The lowest price of their plan starts from $83.28/month. As you can see from the image below, the amount of money they are charging can only be afforded by big-size companies.

Moreover, you also don’t get a free trial or a free version of SEMRush at all.

I genuinely believe that they must provide a free trial version so that users can test the tool and have some results to make certain decisions on whether to go for a premium plan or not.

Because in this case, if the brand charges a premium amount and does not provide a free trial, then customers are forced to take the risk of high investment.

SEMRush Black Friday Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

I have experienced great results with the tool. As being part of a full-stack digital marketing agency, I’ve got to use all the plans, and I would say that if your requirements are covering all the areas of online marketing comprehensively, then this would be the best investment you can make.

Again, before choosing, brainstorm your requirements, then decide whether you can invest so much for one tool.

If some of you have used the tool, then share the experience in the comments.

I am also curious to know what you people are thinking after reading this review, so please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments.