Teachable Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2021


Upto 50% Discount

  • Start Date: 30th November
  • End Date: 1st December
  • Basic Account – Save 14%, $50 off 
  • Pro Account – Save 37%, $440 off
  • Business Account – 50%, $1,494 off

If you are a course creator, Teachable Black Friday deal is a must-buy deal this year.

Did you ever wonder what you can showcase your skills by teaching people about it and earn money out of it?

In this era of the internet generation, anyone with the required skills and determination can showcase their talent to the audience and build thought leadership and empire.

You can create tutorials showing tips and techniques to people in the form of documents, videos, and images. The user will have to enroll in your course to be able to access your material.

This way, you cannot only bring money but also create an audience of students and increase your professional network by teaching what you love doing most.

Teachable is one such tool that gives you a trustworthy platform to post your material and videos and make it accessible to your students.

Before exploring the advantages and disadvantages of Teachable, let’s know more about the tool.

Teachable Black Friday Deal 2021 Review

Teachable has taken online schooling to a whole new level. The tool can provide you all the necessary resources to turn your knowledge into a tutorial series and build an online school.

Founded by Ankur Nagpal, Teachable has been established in the year 2014. Since its inception, Teachable has been a pioneer in providing online software to teachers and students at a subscription cost.


Based in the United States, Teachable is growing at a promising rate. In the year 2017, this company made $90 million from selling software platforms to teachers and students. As per the numbers, during that period, the company produced 7.5 million dollars in profits.

The company is all set to double the revenue in the coming time as said by Ankur Nagpal.

The current members of Teachable prove that they are capable of achieving excellent commercial success by providing stellar services. Teachable has hosted more than 186,000 courses on its platform, and more than 3 million students have purchased products of the platform.


Around 69000 teachers you are running their courses on Teachable, and those instructors have collectively made $338 million so far.

Now let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of using Teachable.

1. No Systems Required

Students and teachers go from a lot of stress and tension whenever they have to manage their study material which should be accessible and continuously updated for the whole class.

Whether it is a student or teacher, they need a computer system to manage, store, and access the material.


Furthermore, if the course has several videos and huge material, then the system also requires dedicated storage to access the data and play video lectures effectively.

Moreover, if there are many students involved, the job of teachers becomes challenging as teachers have to ensure the students get upgraded material whenever they update the notes.

During such a scenario, they have to manage data transfer in the form of emails, pen drives, hard discs which all have a specific limit of storage capacity.

Moreover, these systems may get bricked or stolen or malfunctioned through viruses. So the user needs to have a secure backup of the updated material.

So long story short, traditional digital learning will require you to have dedicated computer systems with decent storage capacity and a ton of hard work to make the learning process productive.

Thanks to this Saas platform, you can do the management and assessment of your study material online.

Students and teachers also don’t have to carry their systems everywhere to transfer or access the material.

They need to login to a website to get all the material whenever they need it. This facility gives complete freedom and portability to all the users, so they can focus more on learning instead of worrying about devices and compatibility.

To access the material, all they need is a stable internet connection and any of the digital devices like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

#2 Teachable Lets You Build Website

To sell your goods, you will need an online resource where you can attract customers, engage them, and convert them as buyers.

Teachable Black Friday Deal

You can do it with a dedicated website, or you can have your landing page designed and developed through Teachable.

I know you might be wondering what you will have code to create a stunning landing page on Teachable. However, the tool has got you covered with drag-and-drop features which you can leverage to create your landing pages instantly.

#3 Create World-class Course Material

The course material is all about providing valuable information to your students. If a tutor hosts a video file online (YouTube) and provides relevant documents on a different website (Google Drive), then it gives a bad user experience.

Teachable will allow you to upload videos, PDFs, documents, audio files, text files on their platforms. So, your students get all the material in one place.

It will give a lasting user experience for your students since they no longer have to be redirected on Google Drive, Google Doc, or Dropbox link.

Speaking of online file-sharing tools, you can upload your video and documents on Teachable using Google Drive Google document and Dropbox link.

#4 Get a Free Domain

To create your virtual school, Teachable will provide free domain which is a custom URL that redirects users. It would be like “example.teachable.com”.

If you have a custom domain, you can also link it to the Teachable webpage to create your unique website.

This will impact your online reputation and help you appear as a professional online tutor with the help of a responsive website.

#5 Decide Flow of The Courses

If the latter chapters of your course require students to complete the exam, you can host quizzes and exams.

You can also provide the course completion certificates which they can share on LinkedIn or an employer to get the desired job.

Teachable will allow you to design and customize a certificate on its website. So, you no longer have to hire a dedicated graphic designer to create certificate designs for your course.

#6 Leverage Third-party Tools

Teachable does not hold itself to provide an excellent user experience to its users.

To accept payments from the students, teachers can receive it through PayPal, Stripe, or Leading Credit Cards. You can also make payments in more than 130 international currencies.

With the help of Zapier, you can also integrate Zendesk, Intercom, and other popular email marketing software.

Teachable understands communication methods, so it will allow you to stay in touch with your students through email communication. You can integrate AWeber, MailChimp, and other tools as well to run dedicated email marketing campaigns.

You can also allow other faculty members to host their courses on your Teachable account.

Furthermore, Teachable will provide you with a self-explanatory dashboard where you can check overall sales and valuable statistics of your course.


How to Activate Teachable Black Friday Deal 2021?

To participate in the Teachable Black Friday Deal 2021, you must stay updated till the deal is live in November 2021. 

  • Once the deal is live, the Teachable team would update the prices on the payment page.
  • So, you can proceed to the pricing page. Here, you would select your preferred plan. 
  • Then, proceed to the checkout page where the prices are already slashed.
  • Choose your preferred payment method and complete your subscription.

The Teachable Black Friday Deal 2021 could give you up to a 40% discount, which can save you well over $100. You can’t afford to miss this once-a-year opportunity.

Teachable Black Friday Deal 2021 FAQs

What is Teachable?

Teachable is a premium online learning management system where users can create courses and market their knowledge or skill. 

Does Teachable have a free version?

Yes. Teachable offers a free plan for users to test the platform’s features. You get to post courses and can only get ten students registered on the paid courses. Also, you get charged a 20% transaction fee for each payment.

Does Teachable support certificates of completion?

Yes, Teachable is one of the few learning management systems that allows course creators to design personalized certificates of completion. You can add a logo, course title, and other details. Teachable also offers three templates to pattern after.

Can I sell digital products with Teachable?

No. Teachable is designed for the creation and sales of online courses alone. Alongside membership sites for access to the course community.

Does Teachable have good support?

The customer support on Teachable is awesome. They guide you on any issues regarding course creation, course payments, pricing, and any issues. Also, there is a fully stocked library on how to use Teachable.

More things to Know before Bagging the Teachable Black Friday Deal 2021

#1 You Have To Work On Marketing

Teachable is a hosting platform and not a marketplace like Coursera and Lynda, which promote their best-selling courses to get more sales.

To get more enrollment for your course, you have to advertise the Teachable course on your own. You will have to work harder to redirect users to your landing pages where you can engage them with persuasive copy and eventually convert them.

#2 You Will Need Constant Internet

Whether you are a teacher or student, you cannot thrive with Teachable if you don’t have a stable internet connection. Since Teachable is a web platform, everything is stored and managed online, so will you need constant internet connectivity.

Teachable Black Friday Deal 2021 Conclusion

In this era of digitalization, Teachable provides excellent platforms for tutors to capitalize on their skills online.


It is a decent choice of platform with competitive pricing, and you won’t be disappointed after using it.

We are excited to know what’s your take on Teachable. Do share them in comments.