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Looking for StudioPress Black Friday Deal in 2021 to save your money?

You are at the right place because we are going to share the best StudioPress Black Friday offer in this article.

Developing a responsive website with optimized code is a challenging task for developers. There are so many options available online that developers can leverage to create stunning and visually appealing websites for their clients and themselves.

They can also check for premium themes from talented developers to improve the look and feel of websites instantly.

Among all the leading options on the web, StudioPress has been one of my personal favorite choices, which can radically improve the layout of my websites and ease the burden of development in many areas, which we will discuss below.

Before exploring the pros and cons of using StudioPress for web development activities, let’s get a bit of an introduction to the brand.

StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021 Review

You might be wondering what is Genesis and where did it come from since we’re discussing about StudioPress.

Well, StudioPress utilizes Genesis, which is a web development framework. All the themes and plugins by StudioPress support Genesis.

The co-founders of StudioPress tried freelancing before shifting to creating a brand, which is now known as StudioPress.


Developers of StudioPress use an ingenious web development framework known as Genesis that works as a glue between WordPress and themes of StudioPress.

Genesis Framework also works independently like an underlying WordPress theme with elegant UI and simple website elements.

However, the framework allows web developers to create their unique designs effectively to make the landing pages more appealing.

More than 200,000 customers are using StudioPress’ themes.

More than 500,000 websites are using Genesis as their websites’ framework, and there are more than 10,000 Genesis community members interact with each other and create value online.

Let’s dive deep into the advantages and disadvantages of StudioPress themes and why they are the most affordable and right choice for developers.

1. Premium WordPress Themes

Web developers would agree that creating a layout of their professional website, which is elegant and attractive at the same time, is hard.

Developers usually go into in-depth research and development to find inspiration and create unique layouts for their websites.

They also go to web development agencies or freelancers to design a unique layout. However, all these activities cost thousands of dollars.


Therefore, StudioPress can be the ideal place to pick the perfect design. Because with StudioPress, you get premium WordPress themes options. These attractive layouts will let you tweak the design and web elements as per your wish

If you are more into maintaining the minimalist layout and love having elegance yet simple layout, then I am 100% sure that StudioPress would not disappoint you.

You get a ton of excellent website design options for different types of website resources.

Whether you have a personal portfolio or an eCommerce store, whether it is a digital agency website or an online magazine; you can create anything with StudioPress’ theme library with ease.

You are serious about using the StudioPress team for a website, and you can go for the WP engine plan and enjoy Genesis framework 35 Plus team packages to have a variety of options under one roof.

2. Brilliant Genesis Framework

How many times you have come across of framework which as everything you ever wanted for your website. It is scalable, robust, secure, search-engine-friendly, and user-friendly.

Even though you can find a few, but not all of them, except genesis, do everything meticulously. The frameworks expect you to provide manual inputs and write code to achieve any benefits mentioned in the above paragraph.


Geniuses understand the requirements of web developers and provide all the benefits that they ask for.

I’m not going to lie, and Genesis Framework is one of the prime reasons that made me fall in love with StudioPress so much.

Being open to minimalist design, the Genesis framework allowed me to build eye-catching designs with fluidic navigation for my landing pages.

As already said, all the themes of StudioPress are based on the Genesis framework.

It gives me the freedom to optimize my website for search engines. These search engine-friendly platforms allow my landing pages to rank higher in search engine result pages.

They also support to ensure that I can strengthen the possibilities of ranking higher local searches.

Moreover, thanks to the simple user interface, the source code of my website with the Genesis framework is optimized and comprehensive.

That means you are landing pages that would not take much time to load whenever a user clicks and requests to access the web pages.

This will again improve your search engine rankings as the loading speed of the web page is one of the factors of ranking higher in Google.

3. Responsive for Different Platforms

In 2019, many users are accessing the web through smart devices like mobile phones and tablets. Compared to desktops and computers, the traffic from these intelligent devices is considerably higher in today’s time.

That means that websites should also respond as per the platform and device that visitors are using. If a customer comes to your landing pages and finds out that the layout is scattered or the page loading speed takes too much time, they will close the tab and leave your website with a negative user experience.


Therefore, Genesis and StudioPress can help you cope with this situation. Genesis framework is mobile-friendly by default, so you can accurately entertain all types of customers without worrying about their platform and devices.

Genesis framework, you can ensure that customers get a lasting user experience, which will encourage them to visit your website and engage with your contact.

4. Robust Security and Great Flexibility

WordPress websites are not 100% secured from blackhat hackers. Moreover, a single attack on your website can cause a complete shutdown or server breakdown.

However, thanks to the robust build quality of StudioPress, the themes have the best security measurements to keep all malicious entities keep out of the coverage.

StudioPress has brought Mark Jaquith to strengthen the security of the Genesis framework. Mark is one of the core WordPress developers and renowned web security experts.

Wit StudioPress, you get an unlimited number of widget support and theme options for your website.

If you are into affiliate marketing or use Google AdSense to monetize website traffic, StudioPress themes can help you insert your affiliate link or a display banner on your website effortlessly.

You also get to choose a custom layout for your landing pages from different options.

How To Activate StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021?

You can easily activate the Black Friday 2021 Sale for StudioPress. All we need you to do is follow the instructions we’ve mentioned below: –

#1 The very first step for you to take is to visit their page for details.

#2 Visiting their page will lead you to the plans they have for their up-and-coming plans. Anyway, we find the StudioPress Pro Plus package to be the most valuable. It also offers the best discount. Availing this package will get you access to all of their up-and-coming themes. However, it does require you to pay one-time fee upfront!

#3 You can confirm your choice by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Doing this will lead you to their payment page.

#4 Here, you must fill up all the relevant information related to your designation and preferred payment method.

Things to Know Before Grabbing the StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021

1. Design Might Seem Redundant

If you do not prefer the minimalist design, and like flashy animations and eye-catching shapes with high-contrast color gradients instead, then StudioPress is not for you.

You can go for any other theme providers like Divi or MyThemeShop that have more flashy layouts compared to StudioPress’ minimalist designs.

Moreover, because of the SEO friendliness of Genesis, many developers are using it for their websites. That means, your website might look similar to other sites on the web unless you do the manual coding for your website.

2. Costly Pricing Structure

StudioPress is one of the costliest options out there.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a single theme, then be ready also to buy the license of Genesis that costs extra. So, the overall cost might be insanely high for a unique theme.

On the other hand, you can go with their WP Engine plan where you get WP Engine hosting with Genesis framework and 35 premium themes of StudioPress for free.


Again, if you are a freelance blogger or looking forward to building a personal website, then this would not be a good investment. Along with StudioPress, MyThemeShop is also offering huge discounts on Black Firday 2021. Here are some of the best MyThemeShop Black Friday deals.

StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021 FAQs

What Exactly Is StudioPress?

StudioPress is a world-class premium theme provider for WordPress. They also provide an open Framework known as Genesis. In short, the platform allows you to build custom responsive websites that are SEO friendly and immune to frequent layout changed with minimal effort.

Everyone Keeps On Talking About Genesis, What Is It?

Genesis is an open Framework to support WordPress themes with arguably the highest popularity in the world. It enables you to create high-performing and stunning WordPress websites with SEO-friendly elements and superb security features.

When Will StudioPress Black Friday Sale In 2021 Be Held?

StudioPress Black Friday 2021 Sale will begin on 29th of November 2021 and continue until 2nd December 2021. This gives you a window of 4 days to make your purchase!

What Does Gutenberg Ready Refer To?

Gutenberg is the name of the latest WordPress editor announced with the launch of the 5.0 version. Gutenberg Ready means that StudioPress themes can be accessed and edited through this particular editor as well!

Is It Necessary For Me To Purchase The Genesis Framework?

Yes and no! Yes, because you may choose to only pay for a single theme if you prefer. And, no, because it comes as a default addition to any of the SudioPress themes you ever purchase anyway.

Is StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021 Worth it?

There are many reasons to consider StudioPress Black Friday 2021 sale. One of them is the discounts you get during this time. It is beyond doubt that StudioPress makes one of the best WordPress themes in the world. Moreover, the Genesis Framework they offer is the icing on the cake. So, you cannot miss out on the offers that come during this time!

StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021 Conclusion

I am excited to know what are your thoughts on StudioPress. Are you going to use it for your next website?

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Also, let me know how did you find the article.