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Optin Monster Black Friday deal is one of the hottest deals for serious email marketers.

Marketers are always in search of personalized communication channels that can put them in direct contact with prospects. You can not only bring more visitors but also generate leads through such channels.

Email marketing is one such channel that you can leverage to entertain your prospects and stay in touch with them.

There are many case studies and online resources available that show how to capture email addresses and generate leads for a business.

There are PPC ads, social media platforms, landing page forms, etc. available that can provide valuable inputs to your sales funnel and take users into buyers’ journey through dedicated email conversations.

Even though you capture the email addresses of the prospects, converting those leads and then into recurring buyers is the most challenging task marketers ever face in their jobs.

OptinMonster is one such tool that can help you run better email marketing campaigns and optimize conversions.

First of all, let’s understand what is OptinMonster is all about and how it can contribute to online marketing campaigns to help you convert more leads.

OptinMonster Black Friday Deal 2021 Review

Let’s understand the pros and cons of OptinMonster. Who should use this tool and whether it is a good choice to go for this lead generation tool to improve the email list.

1. Personalized communication

With the help of OptinMonster, you can ensure dynamic messages and customized copy to engage specific users through pop-ups. Instead of generalized copy, you can include location in your pop-ups’ copy to make users feel that it has been written exclusively for them.

OptinMonster allows you to include the location of the visitor inside the options. Since users would see their city’s name, they can instantly relate and would engage with the pop-up.

E-Commerce websites will have major benefits from Geo-Location Targeting. In fact, an American professor observed a 10% rise in revenue using this feature. (Source)

2. Easy Optin Builder

As far as traditional programming languages go, responsive pop-ups development can take a lot of time and require a ton of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code.

OptinMonster understands that not all of the users are skilled web developers so they cannot manually code the optins. Therefore, this tool provides you drag and drop feature to create dynamic pop-ups for your landing pages.


Thanks to the drag-and-drop optin builder, you can quickly create attractive and responsive options that work not only on desktop but also on mobile devices.

You have also got more than 26 animations to apply in your options to make it more appealing and attractive. You can also place a countdown timer inside your optin to introduce the scarcity and exclusivity of your offer.

3. Campaign Triggers

The websites will have triggers to identify the specific movements of users or special events to determine the right time to showcase relevant options.

These relevant options will resonate with users’ conscience and encourage users to perform a specific action.

4. Pursue Abandon Cart Visitors

E-Commerce business owners would agree that abandoning carts is a real thing, and users fill in their details and leave the page without clicking the checkout button.

You can cope with this particular user behavior that can be leveraged by the Exit-Intent Technology of OptinMonster.


The tool will identify the mouse pointer movement to determine whenever the user is willing to exit the page and showcase the relevant pop-up to convert them as a subscriber and customer.

Crossrope exploded their list by 900% every month using this feature of OptinMonster. (Case Study)

They have also got Scroll Triggers, so whenever a user has scrolled X% of a webpage, OptinMonster will showcase a pop-up with a custom message to attract their attention.

They also have InactivitySensor that identifies whenever the user is not active on a webpage. The tool can identify the inactivity of the users and provide relevant options to encourage them to convert as a consumer.

By using the scheduling feature of the tool, you can create dynamic pop-ups for your users. Now, you can have more Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales since you would be able to customize options for specific events and special days.

You can schedule customized options for festive seasons to improve sales by providing custom discounts and offers.

OptinMonster has intelligently covered all the aspects that a webmaster requires to engage consumers and convert them into regular buyers. After purchasing a paid plan of OptinMonster, the users don’t have to go anywhere else for different types of solutions related to options.

5. Device-based Responsive Pop-ups

You can also get device-based targeting to encourage users to get email addresses on mobile and desktop devices.

6. Page-Level Targeting

If you have a trending page or product page of best-selling collections, you can create independent of options for these pages to engage users.

7. Smart Retargeting

If you have a recurring user, you can tailor a special offer for them with the help of OptinMonster. The tool will identify returning visitors and provide dynamic offers to them to make them feel valued and respected by the brand.


8. Seamless Integration

After collecting leads for your business, OptinMonster brilliantly synchronizes with all the leading platforms and CRM software that are used in sales funnel optimization. You can synchronize with HubSpot, iContact, SalesForce, Facebook, Drip, Shopify, MailChimp, etc.

9. Effective Marketing Automation

When it comes to marketing automation, advertisers have a hard time automating the procedures while ensuring a maximum satisfaction rate.

However, OptinMonster can brilliantly automate your options through real-time data. It can show dynamic pop-ups to users based on the data collected by the tool.

10. Gives Complete Control

You can easily A/B test your options to identify the best-performing option for your business. You can test your copy through options without going for separate OptinMonster accounts or the costliest subscription options whatsoever.

OptinMonster also has a versatile tracking system that intelligently tracks data and user behavior to determine which campaign performs better. You can also integrate OptinMonster with your Google Analytics property to get granular control over your campaigns.

What is OptinMonster Black Friday Deal 2021?

OptinMonster has been a pioneer online marketing tool that improves the website sessions by engaging prospects into becoming leads through a form.

Since its Inception in 2013, OptinMonster has been a helping hand tool of small to Fortune 500 companies to attract more leads into their sales funnel and impact their online conversions.


At the time of writing this article, OptinMonster has been responsible for improving 2,718,040,397 website sessions by serving more than 21 billion options.

The tool has been responsible for gathering 217 million online conversions.

Co-founded by Thomas Griffin and Syed Balkhi, OptinMonster has got the backing of talented and strong individuals who have relevant experience and understand how to deliver the best user experience.

How To Activate the OptinMonster Black Friday 2021 Deal?

This is fairly simple. All you have to do is follow the steps as mentioned below: –

#1 Click on the link that says ‘GET THIS DEAL’ on the plan of your choice.

#2 Enter your personal and payment details as required on the form.

#3 Click on the button stating ‘Get Started Now with OptinMonster.’

Will SiteGround help me migrate my websites to their servers?

Yes, but you must pay for the manual migration. There is also a free tool available in Site Tools to move your website to its servers quickly.

Who Does OptinMonster Serve Best?

OptinMonster is undoubtedly one of the best email capturing tools in the industry. It can be equally beneficial for bloggers, marketing firms, small or big businesses, and e-commerce outlets!

Can I Choose To Pay Monthly?

Unfortunately, the company only bills annually. So, you must pay the entire fee basis your plan upfront.

Can I Overshoot My Page View Limit?

Yes, you can do that. OptinMonster does not stop your campaigns whenever that happens. On the contrary, they either move you to a higher tier or contact you to provide a custom plan suiting your needs.

Do I Need To Code To Use OptinMonster?

No! The tool comes with many Drag ‘n’ Drop features that enable you to build the campaigns of your liking without much effort.

More Things to Know before Grabbing the OptinMonster Black Friday Deal 2021

OptinMoster is not a free tool, and you have to go for either of their paid plans to use their features.


I believe that users should get a chance to experience the power of this tool before going all in. So, after getting results, whether positive or negative, users can better decide whether they want to go with OptinMonster as a primary conversion optimization tool or not.

OptinMonster Black Friday Deal 2021 Conclusion

If you want to get more online subscribers and sales from your WordPress website, this tool is a no-brainer. OptinMonster is worth every penny as they also provide you 100% free access to their courses if you go with either of the subscriptions.

Do let us know what you think about OptinMonster. If you have any other alternative or you want to share the experience with this tool, feel free to write your comments below.