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When it comes to website designing, we have so many options and resources for inspiration. Several content management systems can give you a desirable layout while also ensure that you have to work hard to build the website.

WordPress is one of the most famous content management systems to create websites. WordPress is not only reliable but more comfortable to create appealing and featureful websites.

In 2021, if you think of creating a WordPress website, marketplaces are a great source to find relevant, responsive website designs.

People spent thousands of dollars on building the website of their dreams. There are also free themes available to give your landing pages a decent look and feel.

Based on your budget and project requirements, you can go with either of the choices. But according to me, premium themes have advantages compared to free themes.

Premium themes are developed by professional developers and excellently coded to help the website visitors interact with the website effectively.

It can only give you users a better user experience while making your website management procedure efficient. The source code of the premium themes is indigenously optimized to be responsive and quick in all situations.

Today, we are going to discuss one search marketplace which has helped a ton of designers and agencies.

MyThemeShop is an excellent platform where you can find premium themes to improve the interface of your website.

Before diving deep into the pros and cons of using MyThemeShop, let’s have a brief introduction to the website.


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MyThemeShop Black Friday Deals 2021: Review

With almost 15 years of experience, the founders of MyThemeShop have made this platform to help other developers get the best website layout for their businesses.

They understood that an attractive and featureful website usually results in unformatted CSS and JavaScript files and makes the job of developers extremely tough.

Moreover, they have understood that if a website is attractive with flashy effects and animation, it usually takes too much time to load, period.


That’s why the MyThemeShop has been created to ease the job of developers and designers who can focus more on delivering quality instead of indulging in source code files.

MyThemeShop has been acclaimed by leading brands like, Awwwards, The Huffington Post, Product Hunt, Entrepreneur, and dozens of media publishing websites on the web.

They have more than 610,000 happy customers and have developed more than 100 themes and plugins over the course of their existence.

The brand has resolved more than 57,000 questions of their customers has got 25 new releases each year.

Now let’s dive deep into the advantages and disadvantages of using MyThemeShop for your daily website development activities.

#1 Responsive to All Devices

In 2021, there is a significant chunk of users who access the internet through smartphones and tablets. Against computers and desktop users, the number of smartphone users accessing the internet is increasing day by day.

This user behavior also increases the responsibility of the developers to ensure that their websites are flexible enough to cope with the requirements and open flawlessly on mobile devices and browsers every time.

An unresponsive website gives a bad user experience whenever the user from the mobile phone tries to come to a landing page and observed that the structure of that page is scattered.

Furthermore, unresponsive web pages also take a longer time to load on the mobile, and that is also not good for search engine rankings and user experience.

So long story short, developers should ensure that their website is responsive on all the platforms.

Therefore, MyThemeShop can be a great help for developers as all the themes and plugins of this brand are responsible for mobile and tablet devices.

By using MyThemeShop’s themes, developers can ensure that users get concurrent user experience across all the platforms. You can grab all these responsive WordPress themes during MyThemeShop Black Friday 2021 sale in which you can get huge discounts that are not available otherwise.


#2 Great User Experience for Developers

All the great themes and plugins require an extraordinary amount of hard work and an extended amount of code from developers.

Moreover, when you are using a third-party premium theme, changing code and editing the layout become even more stringent for developers.

Therefore, MyThemeShop would be a great help for developers because thanks to its award-winning dashboard, developers can quickly tweak the layout and apply changes to the design of their website from a single source effortlessly.

They seldom have to write code manually to apply those changes. They just have to click on a couple of tabs and type a few keys to revamp there landing pages instantly dynamically.

Moreover, editing and optimizing web page content is also easier with themes by MyThemeShop. You have got a ton of fonts and multilingual support to cover the audience of different geographical locations and various native languages.

Now, you don’t need to develop separate web pages with regional languages’ content in it. The MyThemeShop will automatically translate everything by observing the location of the users. Things get even better when you can get all these features with heavy discounts during MyThemeShop Black Friday Sale 2021.

#3 Extraordinarily Built System

MyThemeShop understands that nowadays, not all of the users are excellent at coding, so non-technical people usually get confused about how web page elements thing work.

That’s why users can leverage versatile video libraries to watch, understand, and apply how things connect with each other on MyThemeShop.

They can effectively learn how to edit the layout, apply color change, edit fonts, and so on.


With their dynamic color range, you can quickly apply a unique look and feel to the layouts instantly.

They also support hundreds of fonts to make the texts comprehensive and engaging to users. You can also upload custom images as your background images of the landing pages to give them a unique look.

Most importantly, this website is Google AdSense friendly. That means, website administrators can dynamically place their ads and monetize their traffic using MyThemeShop. They don’t have to go for any third-party assistance to make changes in their layouts to place the ad.

#4 SEO-Friendly Themes

Website owners constantly evolve their understanding of search engine optimization to ensure that the landing pages and websites get free traffic from search engines consistently.

Search engine optimization is the most effective way to bring relevant users to your website without investing a penny. So, compared to other online marketing channels, you can expect a high ROI from SEO.

Today, to rank in Google, which is the best search engine on the planet, you need to take care of a lot of things. Along with optimizing meta tags, you need to take care of content, images, SSL, schema, website loading speed, etc.


The good news is, all MyThemeShop’s themes are SEO-friendly by default. So, developers and marketers don’t have to indulge themselves in testing and debugging their code to optimize it for Google.

The loading speed of any MyThemeShop’s themes is blazingly fast. So, whenever a user clicks on your website, it will load instantly and won’t make the users waited to access the site.

With all these features, you can expect a great website performance. On top of that, you can get all these fully loaded WordPress themes in a discounted price. MyThemeShop Black Friday 2021 Sale is offering you huge discounts on Themes, Plugins, SEO Tools, and what not.

MyThemeShop Black Friday Deal 2021: FAQs

What other benefits does the MyThemeShop Black Friday Deal 2021 offer?

In addition to giving you access to their themes and support, MyThemeShop will also help you migrate your website from one host to another for free.

Is theme customization free if I get MyThemeShop during the Black Friday Sale?

No, if you want any of MyThemeShop’s themes customized, you will need to pay the company extra for it.

Will I get the theme’s PSD files if I purchase MyThemeShop during the Black Friday Sale?

Yes, purchasing a membership during Black Friday Sale gives you access to all the themes’ PSD files. Access to the files will allow you to alter design elements and colors right from the theme’s control panel.

How long does it take to receive login information after buying MyThemeShop membership during the Black Friday 2021 Sale?

It usually arrives instantly in your inbox. However, if you don’t receive the details or your receipt, you can email the company at
But make sure you check your spam folder before you mail them.

I’m already using a premium theme. Can I avail of the Black Friday discount later?

Unfortunately, the discounts are only available in the offer period. If you miss out on the deal, you will need to wait till the next Black Friday to get MyThemeShop at the rock-bottom price.

MyThemeShop Black Friday Deal 2021 Conclusion

I mean it is hard to pick disadvantages of this versatile service provider. If you are a fan of highly attractive and multimedia-rich websites, then you might get a bit disappointed since all the layout of these themes is minimalist and elegant.


The pricing structure is also perfect for developers and agencies. For almost $9 per month, you get access to all the productive plugins and themes developed by MyThemeShop.

Do let us know what you think about my theme shop and share your views in the comments about the same.