How to make money online is probably the most frequent question you’d ever encounter on the internet, and well that gives me reasons to write this post on it.

I know it’s the one answer you crave for, but before going into the details, let me guide you through a detailed piece on all the possible aspects that you might be interested in, or need to know.

Take it from this 19-year-old kid who has spent 7 years doing this exact same thing, there’s a lot more to it than you’d anticipate.

Is it Possible to Make Money from Home?

In the simplest possible way I can answer this by saying, Yup. It is.

Now there are a number of ways to make money from home, but how many of them really work? How much effort has to be put in? And what are the results?

Those are the aspects which are ignored quite often, and thus, this whole “making money from home” thing is misunderstood.

So for the concluding lines of this section, I’d say yes it is possible to make money from home. I’ve been doing it since the last 6 years, and I’m barely 19. So possible? Totally!

MisConceptions Regarding Making Money from Home:-

It’s Instant:- Well nope, it isn’t. Whatever you do, won’t make you money from the next day, or probably even the next month!

Although there are things that pay off instantly, which I’d be sharing, but most of the things, need hardwork and patience. Sometimes you don’t make your first dime on the internet for as long as one whole year!

It’s Free Money:- Nope it isn’t. I’ve been doing this for the last 6 years, and I started making money on automation only since the last 1 year.

Before that, I made very little, and I had to work as long as 15-16hours/day! So “free money”? Nope. In fact you might have to work harder than most 9-5 jobs your initial years.

It Can Make You a Millionaire Overnight! :-

Nope, it can’t. It just can’t. It “CAN” make you a millionaire, no doubt it can. And it makes you a millionaire faster than most other jobs.

But overnight? Or the next week? Not happening.

How to Make Money Online:-

If you ask me ways to make money at home I’d say there are plenty of them, some easy, some not so much. But ways? They exist.


Freelancing is as you might already know, is when you offer your services/skills to someone online, for money. You can do anything you want, as long as your client wants it and you want their money, it’s freelancing.

Most Popular Freelancing Skills:-

  • Content Writing:- Write articles on the topics your client wants you to. (Ofcourse, you need to be an expert at that topic, and good at English, or any language that is demanded by the client.)
  • Graphic Designing: – Good with Photoshop? Illustrator? Or just any other tool that lets you design awesome logos and banners? Well, freelance your skills. You can get paid as high as $100/logo.
  • Web Development: – Good with Codes? Coding websites is one of the best skills you can freelance. And also one of the most high paying skills to add to that.

Those were the most “common” skills you find with freelancers online. In reality, there are over 1000 different skills that freelancers offer.

Now the question arises, where to get the clients, right?

Some Platforms to Get Hired:-


These are the three most popular, client-rich platforms where you can get paid the right price for your skills. And you don’t ever have to worry about payments, features, or getting clients.


You might have already heard about it. And let me tell you beforehand, you must have a website/blog in order to make money with adsense.

Adsense is the platform owned and operated by Google.  How this thing works is:-

Google (Borker) Gets Ad Contracts to Display the Ads a certain number of times > Google Uses your Blog/Website space to display the ads >Google gets paid a certain amount everytime the ads are clicked > Google shares with you a percentage of what it gets paid.

Probably the image below will explain things better.

So see? That’s how adsense works.

How to Signup For Adsense:-

Make sure your website is professional and complies with the Google terms. Well, then you can signup at Google Adwords Signup.

Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate Marketing is similar to Google Adsense in many ways! (I know, shocked? Let me explain!)

Instead of getting “clicks”, you have to “sell” products with affiliate marketing. But the thing is almost the same, you use your websites space for banners/ ads of the products, or your resources like E-mail list to do it.

Anyway, when you sell a product, the product makes money, and in return, t shares with you a commission, a percentage of the sale.

Here’s a better explanation to it (after all a picture speaks a thousand words, right?)

How to make money online

Now if you ask me, I personally prefer Affiliate Marketing because it got more cash than Adsense, because you don’t need millions of hits a day to make money with it.

It’s like, you join a products affiliate Programme, you make sales, you make money. Where to find the products? Well join any, or all of the below affiliate brokers, they got enough products for you to promote. (Ofcourse they take their share, but that’s minimal.)

Some Affiliate Marketing Brokers Worth Joining:-

  • (commission Junction).

So well thats it. You Signup, You choose products, You sell them, You make money simple as that.

Some Ways to Make Money at Home Using Affiliate Marketing:-

Email Lists:- Promoting a product to your Email list often results in “some” sales even if the conversion rate is not 100%. (Although, it’s possible!).

Website Banners:- If you got targeted traffic, then people will probably be interested in your website products which you can promote to them via banners and sidebars.

Ads:- I use Fb ads most of the time, and they convert like anything. Not just Facebook but there are other viable options for you to consider which will help you with your Affiliate marketing this. But for me, It’s just facebook ads.

Sell your Own Products:-

Good at something? Write your own E-book. Good with Codes? Make your own plugin. The point is, if you’re good at something, then people would definately want it, just give it to them.

You can write an E-book and get engaged with good bloggers who can maybe Affilaite market your E-book or plugin or any other thing you’re selling.

It works when you’re “really” good at something, and more so because you keep the “higher hand” over the cash. you only pay your a percentage to the affilaites, while keeping the bigger share for yourself.


Ever wondered if you could make money from home “ranking websites’?

Nope, I’m not talking about ranking them on the search engines. Instead, ranking them “FOR” the search engines?

Well LeapForce let’s you do that! You only have to signup, and start ranking websites according to your satisfaction and experience.

In return Leapforce pays you as high as $11/hour! Now that’s almost free money for work as such, right?


Can “Transribe” information?

Well then SpeakWrite is for you. You can get paid as high as $15/hour just for transcribing information! Now these are the “easier” ways to make money online from home I was talking about.

Final Words:-

So well yeah that was it guys! On How to make money online; working from home! I’m sure I described enough methods that if you’re “really” keen on finding the solution of “how to earn money online‘ this piece should’ve helped.

Now how high you succeed totally depends on how hard you work. So well, best of luck. Would love to hear your progress reports or experience over this post if you please, the commentbox is all yours.