iTunes gift cards are gifts that can be claimed for things at the Apple iTunes Store or the App Store.

Regardless of whether they’re given for birthday celebrations, occasions, as expressions of gratitude, or advancements, individuals love to get them. What’s not to love?

It’s free cash to purchase films, books, diversions, and applications and to search for your preferred music or buy into Apple Music. You can recover your gift card on iOS mobile devices or an Android mobile.

Turn over the iTunes gift card and scratch it off the segment on the back over the standardized tag to uncover the code you must enter at the iTunes Store or App Store to redeem the card. You must have an Apple ID record to redeem the gift card. On the off chance that you don’t, make one.

How to Use iTunesGift Cards

Thereare many fundamental things you need to consider Apple gift cards and iTunesgift cards explicitly. We ought to go over the broad core interests:

You can utilize your iTunes gift card to look for electronic things,for instance, apps, songs, and digital books at any of Apple’s adaptablestores, which join the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books Store, and Mac AppStore.

To utilize your iTunes gift card for the stores recorded above, youought to be marked in with a comparable Apple ID that you used whilerecuperating your iTunes gift card.

You can’t utilize your iTunes gift card to buy Apple things from theApple Store.

There is a refinement between an Apple Store gift card, an iTunes giftcard, and an Apple Music Membership gift card. Gifts cards for the Apple Storemust be utilized to buy Apple gear and enhancements, while in Apple Music giftcard it can be used for an Apple Music participation.

Nonetheless, in case you decide not to utilize an Apple Music giftcard toward participation, it might be applied to your Apple ID account andused as an iTunes gift card, and the different way—gift card can be utilized topay for Apple Music.

Now We should skip into segment two. We’re saving how to recover an iTunes gift card for area three since we have to tell you the best way to add your iTunes gift card to the Wallet app on your iPhone first. That way you can without quite a bit of a stretch check your iTunes balance.

Redeem an iTunes Gift Card on Your Mac

Redeem your gift card on a Mac :

1.Open iTunes.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID

3. Click Account on the menu bar at the top of the screen and select Redeem in the drop-down menu.

4. Use a perfect camera in your computer to redeem the gift card byclicking Use Camera and following the directions. Otherwise, enter the codewhich appears on the back of the card in the field under You can also enteryour code manually.

5. Follow the instructions and click Redeem.

Redeem Your iTunes Gift Card on iOS Mobile phones and tablets

Redeem your gift card on an iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad,and iPod Touch in the following ways

1. On your iOS mobile device, tap the App Store app.

2. Tap Today at the base of the screen.

3. Tap your photograph at the highest point of the screen.

4. Select Redeem Gift Card or Code.

5. Utilize the camera in your mobile device to redeem the gift card byclicking Use Camera and following the bearings. Something else, enter the codethat appears on the back of the card physically by tapping. You can likewiseopen your system physically.

6. Adhere to the directions and tap Done.

Redeem an iTunes Gift Card on your Android Mobile Device

To redeem your gift card on an Android mobile gadget:

1. Open the Apple Music application.

2. Tap the symbol that looks like three level lines.

3. Tap or enter your Apple ID. Whenever incited to do as such, enteryour Apple ID secret phrase too. On the off chance, you as of now have an AppleMusic profile set up, you can go to the base of the screen and select ViewAccount.

4. Physically enter the code that shows up on the back of the giftcard.

5. Tap Redeem.

How to RedeemiTunes Gift Card through Email

Claiming an iTunes gift card via email is even more comfortable. To claim an iTunes gift card sent by email on your Apple Device: You can even record your screen using Camtasia Black Friday and send it to customer support.

1. Open E-Mail app and open the email with your smart iTunes card.

2. Tap Redeem Now.

3. If you have a Face ID or Touch ID set up, you can claim the iTunes card by this method also. Otherwise, you’ll be allowed to enter your Apple ID password.

4. Once you redeemed the iTunes gift card, you’ll get a notificationthat your balance has been added to your Apple Account. It will now show up inyour Wallet through  your iTunes Passes.

Now you are ready to spend that Apple gift card ?  If you pay more on the Apple gift card’saccount balance then the remaining money will be charged to the credit cardwhich is associated with your Apple ID.

2. How to check the iTunes Card Balance

The iTunes gift card balance which is associated with your Apple ID can show up when you reclaim a gift card, and it very well may be utilized for buys that you make through the iTunes Store.

iTunes gift cards are a popular gift alternative for individuals that utilization Apple gadgets, for example, a Macbook, iPad or iPhone, as they enable you to make computerized buys that would some way or another require a credit card exchange.

iTunes gift cards can be redeemed in various ways, and the cash from the gift card can be utilized to buy music, films, TV show scenes or applications.

When the iTunes gift card is redeemed, the full estimation of the card will be added to your Apple ID like a credit, and you can check your iTunes gift card balance whenever once it has been redeemed, provided that is has not been utilized thoroughly.

You may not utilize the majority of your gift card balance following you have redeemed a gift card, which will leave an amount of credit that is associated with your Apple ID.

On the off chance that you buy things from the iTunes store inconsistently, at that point it is anything but difficult to overlook if you have cash left from the card, or what amount is gone.

Luckily there is a primary method to check for any outstanding gift card credit on your Apple ID straightforwardly from your iPhone.

1. Note that you might probably check an iTunes gift card balance for the Apple ID with which you are as of now marked in on your iPhone.

Furthermore, reclaiming various gift cards and applying them to your Apple ID record will influence the whole balance.

For instance, if you redeem two $25 gift cards, you will see a full, consolidated balance of $50. The gift card balances are not independently unmistakable after they have been connected to your record, so you might most likely check your iTunes gift card balance as one all out a combined number

Step 1: Tap the iTunes Store symbol.

Step 2: Select the Featured choice at the highest point of the Music, Movies,or TV Shows screen

Step 3: Scroll right to the base of the screen, at that point find thenumber beside Credit in your Apple account ID. This is remaining iTunes giftcard balance.

2.Dial 1-888-320-3301. When you get into the robotized telephone system, you can say, “check my Apple account gift card balance.”

The system should take you to the gift card office. Select your favored language and afterward pick one for gift card account balance.

The system asks you to enter the stick on the back of your card, trailed by the pound sign. You will at that point hear your balance.

3. Go to an Apple store. On the off chance that you live in a citywith an Apple store, you could take your gift card to the store. Ask anindividual from the administration group to look into your gift card balance.

Note that the iTunes gift card balance amount can also include any credit that you have received from the iTunes Store, such as if you have gotten a refund for a subscription that you no longer wanted.

If you don’t see a number there, then there is not currently an iTunes gift card balance associated with your Apple ID.

Conclusion – How to check gift card account balance of iTunes

1.Open the  Store app of iTunes.

2.Select  Featured tab  at the top of the device screen.

3.Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find your gift card balancelisted under your Apple ID

If you having a  gift card ofiTunes that you have not redeemed, or if you are not sure whether it has beenredeemed or not, then you can choose to do so directly from your iPhone aswell.