Every day new mobiles are being introduced in the market, getting along with the booming technology. However, very few phones have been able to maintain its standard and quality. 

Well, the iPhone has been able to keep up the pace since it was first released in the year 2007 and has witnessed an increasing user base due to its unique and quality approach towards technology. 

But, we should not forget that its price can make anyone look twice at their bank account before finally being an owner of this stylish and promising smartphone. 

Well, when we talk about Apple products, we first care about their safety, as their products are quite expensive and any damage to it can make the user pay a hefty amount. 

Apart from its price, the parts of the phone, too, range an amount that can make one regret the accidental damages. Well, if your phone is being problematic without any damages, then you are entitled to get it fixed in terms of the company’s warranty.

However, keeping track of the warranty period can sometimes be tricky, given the phone’s configuration. We will guide you to understand the methods that can help you keep up with the warranty of the phone.

When an individual purchases an iPhone, the company provides a limited warranty, which covers few hardware repairs for one year under specific terms and conditions. 

The company also provides technical support to the phone for up to 90 days since its purchasing date. However, keeping up with the expiry date can sometimes prove tricky, as many would want to keep checking the bills and other documents, and hence coping up with the below painless solutions can minimize your efforts. 

Apple’s warranty checker tool

To check the warranty period of the iPhone, you can use an online tool that can further guide you to know the warranty period of the phone. 

The serial number is needed to find the warranty period. But to find the serial number of the iPhone, one must follow the below steps:

  1. If your phone is in working condition, then you are supposed to tap settings on the phone. 
  2. Further, in the ‘settings’ segment, tap the ‘general settings. 
  3. Next, tap ‘About’ in the general settings.
  4. In the section of ‘About’, one may encounter the serial number of the phone.

This serial number must be protected by keeping it private, as this number is directly linked to your phone, and it helps one identify the device. And hence, to prevent any hassle, do not share the serial number with anyone.

Now, once the serial number is found, make sure of noting it down and entering it on the official website of Apple. One can sign in at ‘checkcoverage.apple.com’ to check the validity of the phone.

After sign-in, enter the serial number into the ‘warranty checker’ option and further verify the ‘CAPTCHA’. 

Once verified, enter ‘continue’. After you press the ‘continue’, the website will display the below five segments of information on the display screen. 

  • The information showcases the type of device, purchase date, the warranty period
  • User’s iPhone technical support status. As we have earlier mentioned the iPhone offers technical support for quite a limited time since the purchase of the device. Hence, one may be able to understand if they are entitled to use the benefits of technical support. 
  • The information also discloses the expiry date of the device, depending upon which the user is entitled to get the iPhone repaired or serviced under the warranty terms and conditions provided by Apple. 
  • You can also check if you are eligible for extending the warranty period of the iPhone through the Apple Care. The Apple Care might review the extension as per its policies. Apple Care segment deals with the extension of the warranty period of the phone. 

There would be a green and yellow color spot in front of the information present on the screen. The spot may have the tick mark infused in it, which helps you identify the warranty period and other categories of your phone.

The below guidelines may help you understand the criteria considered by Apple before granting warranty cover to the phone.

If your device is covered under warranty, and you want to fix the damages or service of the iPhone, then the user may contact the Apple support through chat, email or call. 

Furthermore, schedule an appointment and take your device to the nearest iPhone service centre.

Also, if your device is no longer covered under warranty and you are eligible for AppleCare, then you should buy the AppleCare without a second thought before contacting Apple support.

This can benefit you, as the Apple Care helps the users manage the cost of repairs or services. 

After we have learned about the extension of the warranty through the Apple Care, there is also an option of extending it through the insurance companies that avail the benefits of insurance under the selected guidelines.

But it is often observed that the insurance companies may provide the insurance for quite a limited time, unlike the Apple Care. 

Apple Care is basically an extended warranty program that is offered straight from Apple to its users. The Apple Care is known to take the phone’s standard warranty and extend technical support for almost two years since it was first purchased. 

One must know that the below-mentioned parts of the iPhone are not covered under warranty. 

  • Scratches and dents to the phone aren’t covered. 
  • Replacement or battery damage isn’t covered under warranty. 
  • Any attempts to change the phone through Jailbreaking by the user could further exclude the user from reaping the services out of the warranty period. 
  • Any repairs made to the phone by unauthorized technicians can further cancel the warranty.