Pandora One, the long-standing premium level of the online radio service, has allowed users to get rid of the ads, access higher quality broadcasts, and increase the daily skip limit on songs. 

Pandora Plus improves almost everything, with unlimited jumps and reps and a new offline mode that will keep the music playing when the connection stops.

Pandora has launched Pandora Plus, a renowned and improved version of its $ 5 Pandora One offer per month. It has also improved it’s free and advertising service, which most of its users take advantage of. 

The launch of updated services marks the beginning of a new era for Pandora, as the company ended 2016 with three levels of service and on-demand service to battle adjacent to Spotify and Apple Music. 

Everything has its pros and cons, and so does Pandora. Many people subscribed to Pandora. Some have liked it, and some have disliked it. 

We wish them to enjoy the subscription. But for those who disliked it, we have brought you the way to cancel the Pandora one subscription.

Cancelling Pandora one subscription is simple. It depends on where you are canceling the subscription.

What you need to know before canceling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any point to stop any future payments. To avoid being charged again at your renewal date (or at the end of your free trial period), be sure to cancel your subscription or trial at least 24 hours beforehand. 

Uninstalling the Pandora app from your device doesn’t automatically cancel your subscription for you. 

You must cancel your subscription or trial through the vendor who manages it (e.g., apple, google play, Roku, PayPal, or official Pandora website)

Pandora support is clumsy to advocate subscription or trials purchased through apple, amazon, Roku, or carriers such as version, T-Mobile, etc. It cannot abrogate those subscriptions or trials, barter your subscription plan, or issue money back for a subscription purchased through any of these app stores. 

If you have queries about the Pandora subscriptions, please visit the Term of service or contact the Pandorasupport team for further clarification. 

How to cancel Pandora on the web

If you subscribe to Pandora one online, you’ll need to visit Pandora’s one official website to cancel the subscription. 

The step to cancel pandora one subscription are bulleted below:

  • Open
  • Sign in to your account 
  • Click your profile picture in the upper right corner. 
  • Select settings. 
  • Click on subscription.
  • Press cancel subscription 
  • Save changes and enter your password, if promoted. 

How to cancel Pandora one subscription using mobile

If you directly subscribed through the Pandora app, you’ll need to cancel it via your google ID’s subscription or if IOS then from your apple ID’s subscription. 

For IOS device

  • Open the iTunes app on your IOS device (iPhone/iPod)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the Apple ID button. 
  • Select view apple ID
  • Enter your Apple ID password or authorize with touch ID
  • Tap the subscription button 
  • Tap Pandora
  • Press cancel subscription
  • Tap confirm. 
  • To cancel google play-billed subscription.

If you purchased your subscription from the google play store, use the following steps to cancel your subscription.

  • Go to google play store. 
  • Open your Google account 
  • Under subscriptions find Pandora
  • Click Cancel subscription then follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation. 
  • You also get in touch with Google play support team directly. 

How to cancel Pandora-billed subscription or trial 

  1. Sign in to your account on a computer (not your phone device).
  2. Go the subscription folio. (you can also access this from the setting menu)
  3. Select switch plans. 
  4. Click Cancel subscription in the bottom corner of the screen 
  5. Enter your current password to confirm the cancellation of any future subscription payment. Your recent subscription benefits will be effective until your expiration date. 

Cancel my subscription or trial version billed by Amazon 

Unfortunately, Pandora does not have access to Amazon’s billing system, so we cannot help you manage payments made through Amazon. 

If you are charged for a subscription through Amazon (for example, if you upgraded from a Kindle Fire or an Android device with Amazon Appstore), follow the instructions below to cancel your subscription: 

Cancel your subscription from a Kindle Fire: 

  1. From the Start your Kindle Fire device screen, press Applications.
  2. Select the store. 
  3. In the shop menu, select My Subscriptions. 
  4. PlayPandora. 
  5. Disable automatic renewal to cancel the subscription. 

Cancel the Amazon Appstore subscription on an Android device: 

launch the Amazon Appstore application. 

  1. From the application store menu, click on Subscriptions. 
  2. From the My Subscriptions screen, click Pandora Subscription. 
  3. From the Subscription screen, you can disable automatic renewal to cancel the subscription. 

For further assistance, you can surely contact Amazon support. 

Cancel my subscription or the proof invoiced by Roku 

Pandora does not have access to Roku’s billing system, so we cannot help you manage payments made through Roku. To unsubscribe from Roku: 

  1. Go to its official website linked to Pandora. 
  2. Select Cancel subscription next to Pandora. 

If you have problems with these steps, contact the Roku support team, and they can help you. 

Cancel my subscription or proof invoiced by the supplier 

We cannot assist with subscriptions billed by the supplier. You must contact your mobile operator for further help with canceling the subscription. 

To cancel a Pandora Premium subscription that has been added to the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan, contact the AT&T support team.


So these are the various ways by the help of which you can cancel the Pandora one subscription. We hope that after reading the article, unsubscribing from Pandora-one will be easy for you.

It doesn’t matter from which possible way you are unsubscribing Pandora one plus, now it will be easy for you to unsubscribe. I hope this article helped you in all possible ways.