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How many times have you visited a website and got a message that says this website is restricted to your geographical area?

That means your hometown or the country is not allowed to enter that particular website as its administrator has blocked a particular IP addresses range.

I am not saying that I don’t respect the privacy and decisions of website administrators to block certain types of users. This can be frustrating for users who want to access the landing pages for genuine and productive reasons.

However, what if a customer of a particular website tries to access the dashboard from a public Wi-Fi that is blocked to enter the available website? At that time even know the user is authentic, but it could not enter the website due to this factor.

That is why you need a VPN that dissolves blockages and provide an interrupted secure connection of the websites.

VPN stands for the virtual private network. There are tons of options, and companies available online that provide premium VPN services.

Today, we are going to discuss one such service provider, which is Express VPN. The company is renowned for providing a trustworthy surfing experience.

Before discussing Express VPN’s advantages and disadvantages, let’s have a bit of an introduction to the company itself.


ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2021 Review

Founded in 2009, Express VPN has been providing reliable VPN services to customers.

Based on the British Virgin Islands, this company has been encrypting web traffic and providing secured communication channels on all the leading devices.

Whether you have iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux, you can use Express VPN’s services effortlessly on all the leading devices.

Leading brands like Wall Street Journal, Techcrunch, CNET, BBC, and Forbes are trusting Express VPN for its reliable solutions.


Express VPN is rated 9.4 out of 10 on Trustpilot and has more than 4.5 ratings out of 5 on the App Store.


It can cover more than 160 Locations based in more than 90 countries and provide unlimited internet speed throughout the world.

Last year, Comparitech and TechRadar also awarded this VPN service as their Editors’ Choice.

Read on to know more about the pros and cons of using this VPN.

1. Complete Anonymity

How many times have you visited a website and come to know that the website is using your IP Address and browser data for commercial purposes?

The IP address of your system has been continuously logged by the website administrator to provide you with dynamic and customized advertisements and offers. You will have to see annoying ads during your web browsing activities.

With all due respect, you deserve to protect your identity from the internet and websites and still enjoy uninterrupted internet surfing.

Browsing the internet has become challenging with each passing day. Express VPN believes in the right to privacy philosophy, and that’s why they provide complete anonymity for your browser activity.

You can literally disguise your resources by masking your IP address and hide your online identity while accessing service and third-party websites.

You can have complete access to not allowing advertisers and SaaS companies to manipulate you with their pricing and paying structure based on your location.

You can also block your internet service providers to track your internet browsing activity which they might share with third-party organizations to generate revenue. This way, you can completely go anonymous and hide your identity from internet entities.

2. Secure for Financial Transaction

Financial transactions can be extremely critical in this digital age.

Thanks to Express VPN’s robust privacy, you can make your financial transactions effortlessly and with utmost trust.

Express VPN manages trustworthy channels that are secure from any glitches. Your bank details and identifications will be hidden entirely from all the malicious entities of the web.

Even if you are transacting through cryptocurrency, you only need to provide your email address to complete the transaction. Express VPN will ask no further clarification about the purposes of paying through digital currency or asking for your identity whatsoever.

3. Excellent Support

With Express VPN, you are not forced to use single hardware or using only certain types of devices to go anonymous.

This VPN supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and also works flawlessly on Android and iOS operating systems.

So, you have got your desktop, laptops, and smartphones covered thanks to vast device coverage of this brand.


You have got 24×7 chat support. If you need any help with this tool, the talented and skilled customer service managers of Express VPN will help you cope with any solutions.

Browser extensions are also covered in Express VPN. All the browser extensions are protected and work fine through Express VPN. You won’t get any error or exception for your browser extension support.

This VPN service provider also supports a split-tunneling feature where you can decide which software system should pass through VPN and which should have direct communication with the internet.

This way, Express VPN will put you in the driver’s seat for managing your apps.

4. Unlock the Web

If your country is restricted from accessing web services based on different geographical locations, you can access them using Express VPN. For example, if you are based in India, then some Europe and USA-based web services won’t be accessible to you.


However, thanks to Express VPN, all the leading web services are unblocked and readily available at your disposal.

Whenever you travel or move to another location or another country you can effortlessly access all the websites which you were using at your previous destination.

You can dissolve all the censorship of all the websites around the world. Express VPN will give you an encrypted channel where your identity will be hidden, and you can have seamless access to any website.

5. Unlimited Streaming

There are dozens of free and paid VPN services which give you a bracket to stream online content. If you have exceeded the limitation, it will throw you an exception and does not allow you to stream anymore.

Many VPN users would agree that the premium VPNs fail to establish a connection to a remote web service, and they are not as good as the mainstream internet. At some point, you have to go for a paid plan or increase your current package by paying more money to the service provider.

With Express VPN, you get unlimited speed and unlimited capability of streaming premium Web Services. Whether you want to access YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime, these VPN services have got you covered.

You can unblock, search engines, social media websites, streaming platforms, and enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted VoIP, entertainment, and communication benefits.

How to activate ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2021?

There is no special coupon you need to find and enter at checkout to unlock the Black Friday discount.

To get ExpressVPN at the discounted price, all you need to do is click on the link below. The discount will be applied automatically.

ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2021 FAQs

I’ve already paid for another VPN. Can I avail of the ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2021 when my subscription ends?

Unfortunately, you can only avail of the discount within the set offer period. You cannot use the deal after it runs out. It’s also important to note that the company doesn’t offer massive discounts often. If you miss the deal, you will likely need to wait till Black Friday next year to get it at such a low price.

How many devices can I use ExpressVPN with if I get the ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2021?

You can use the VPN on five devices simultaneously.
The ExpressVPN application is available on every major platform, including phones, browsers, routers, Kindles, and Linux machines.

Can I try ExpressVPN for free before I use the ExpressVPN Black Friday Discount 2021?

The company does not offer a free trial. However, the 30-day money-back guarantee makes your purchase risk-free.

I’m traveling to China. Is it a good idea to get the ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2021?

ExpressVPN is among the few VPNs that can bypass the great firewall of China. Buying it at a discounted rate is an excellent idea.

Is getting ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2021 worth it if I want to torrent?

ExpressVPN enables you to P2P safely in most locations worldwide. If you want to torrent safely and need a VPN for a low price, ExpressVPN is the way to go.

More things to Know Before Getting the ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2021

1. Bit costlier

Even though the benefits of Express VPN are great with dedicated 24×7 support, the pricing structure is a bit costlier.

As shown in the below image, you have to pay $12.95/month, and if you go for the yearly package, the price is $8.32/month, and for the quarterly plan, you are supposed to pay $9.99/month.


2. Limited Devices

With ExpressVPN, you can run VPN at 5 devices at one time which is not up to the mark as other VPNs like IPVanish VPN are giving you access on unlimited devices. If you have more than 5 devices on which you wanted to access VPN, better get IPVanish VPN. IPVanish VPN also providing discounts on IPVanish Black Friday deal.

ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2021 Conclusion

Remember that all the plans of ExpressVPN provide unlimited bandwidth and 24×7 dedicated customer support.

If you are a heavy internet user and you prefer P2P downloading and streaming content online, then Express VPN is a real deal-breaker for you.

However, if you are requirements are not that great, then you can go for cheaper options as well.

We are excited to know what you think about Express VPN. Please share your feedback in the comments below.