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Divi Theme Black Friday 2021 Deal is finally live. Designing and developing a website is a nightmare for non-technical people. It makes them anxious yet curious when it comes to brainstorm and research how the layout of the website would look like.

Because writing CSS and JavaScript code to apply a particular animation can be intimidating and overwhelming for non-programmers. So they either need a tool or professional agency to build a website for them.

Today, SaaS platforms are available to dramatically improve the web development verticals so that anyone can create an attractive layout without writing a single piece of code.

There are a ton of visual builders available online that you can purchase to create stunning pages for your website. These web page builders can give you complete control over editing the design.

Today, we are going to discuss one such product that only provides attractive premade designs, but the visual page builder for effective WordPress development.

You might have heard about Divi Themes, a leading WordPress library of attractive website layouts that developers often to design their website. They can also use Divi’s visual page builder to customize quickly and edit their existing page layouts or create a new one.

Before diving deep into the pros and cons of Divi Theme, let’s get more ideas about what is Divi Theme is all about.

Divi Theme Black Friday Deal 2021: Review

DiviThemes is developed, managed, and owned by Elegant Themes that provides excellent WordPress tools for better website development.

For the past 11 years, Elegant Themes have been revolutionizing the web development industry by their valuable contribution of attractive themes and productive plugins. They have a team of 85 skilled individuals who collectively manage more than 600K customers across the globe.


Their team is available across 20 countries, and they are successfully providing 24/7 support to their customers. They ensure that their talented customer support system covers all the questions and support tickets.

Divi is an all-in-One website development tool that can give you robust and most trustworthy website development solutions. You can quickly develop a stunning layout for your website by just doing drag-and-drop.

You get excellent control over all your website development needs and can effectively manage your team-building tasks by utilizing the ecosystem of Divi Themes.

Let’s dive deep into the complete review of Divi themes and determine whether you should use them or not.

1. Get a Library of Premade Designs

How much time save uses on Google search or have gone to a marketplace like Theme Forest or MyThemeShop to browse the ideal layout for your website.

The more you search from multiple resources, the more you get confused about which option to choose as your theme.

Thanks to Divi Themes, you get thousands of premade custom layouts already designed with plug-and-play features. You need to choose your favorite layout and start editing it in real-time.


Now, you no longer have to rely on extensive coding and stressful file management of your source code to make your website accessible to the users. Just choose your favorite layout from Divi Theme’s library and start editing instantly.

The developers of Divi Themes have intelligently crafted a thousand designs so that all the niches and genres of users are covered. If you want to create a personal blog or build an estate agent’s website, you will have the layout of your choice.

If you have an online store or an advertising agency, I’m sure you will like one of the premade layouts that resonate well with your business.

Furthermore, the team of Divi has been efficient and generous by keep providing and updating the library with new layouts and themes in due time.

After purchasing Divi Theme, you also get complimentary icons, illustrations, and creatives to add them to your landing pages. You don’t have to pay extra for these elements which is another great reason to grab Divi Theme Black Friday 2021 deal.

2. Effectively Edit as Per Your Wish

Previously, you have to rely on developers to make any changes in the layout. After the designer makes changes, you would verify and give revisions if any. Otherwise, you could also tweak your JavaScript or CSS file to make changes in the layout.


The process of editing would be extremely time-consuming and sometimes tedious enough to make project execution slower.

If you wish to tweak Divi Themes or edit the color palette of a particular web element, you can efficiently do so thanks to the visual builder. You can edit the designs in real-time without zero latency or being forced to refresh the page.


It is a beneficial and impressive feature to have a visual builder that supports drag-and-drop features. This Visual builder technology of Divi Themes is commendable in doing complex tasks with just a couple of clicks.

3. Empowering Design System

Divi Themes has a robust design system in the market. You can reuse your design elements for premade custom layouts by saving or exporting them and then use them on other projects as well.

You can use your designs an unlimited number of times to save time and ensure effective reuse of your hard work.

It will take the efficiency of your website development to a whole new level. If you wish to restore one of the previous versions of editing, you get full editing history at your disposal to strengthen your development process.


Today, more and more users are accessing the web through smartphones and tablets, so websites also need to be aware of this user behavior and be responsive to these devices.

By default, Divi Themes are responsive to different screen sizes. However, you can also get granular control over your design elements to ensure how they should appear on different screens of smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

You are allowed to tweak the website elements to make them appear as you wish.

You can easily edit colors, brightness, contrast, and apply shadows in your web page elements with drag-and-drop features.

4. Excellent Customer Support

The support system of Divi Themes has been critically acclaimed by not only by experts but also the existing customers.

The officials of Divi themes provide 24×7 support to their customers and take every question of customers seriously and help them resolve in whichever way possible.

How to Activate Divi Theme Black Friday Deal 2021?

There’s no secret discount code you need to enter at checkout to activate the deal. 

Getting your hands on Divi at a discounted rate is as easy as clicking on the link below.

Divi Theme Black Friday Deal 2021 FAQs

I’m paying for another theme. Can I use the Divi Theme Black Friday Deal 2021 later?

No. Once the offer period runs out, you won’t be able to get your hands on Elegant Themes at the reduced pricing.
The company doesn’t offer discounts. If you miss out, you will likely need to wait till next year to get Divi at such a low price.

Can I try Divi before getting the Divi Theme Black Friday Deal 2021?

You can get a feel for the builder on the official Elegant Themes website. However, there is no free version of the theme available.

What happens if I end up not liking the Divi theme?

If you don’t like the theme, you can get in touch with the customer support team and get a refund. 
However, Elegant Themes’ Terms of Service states that the company will only offer refunds to customers 30 days after purchase. If you’ve decided you don’t want Divi, contact the support team ASAP.

How do Elegant Themes justify the higher pricing of Divi?

When you get the Elegant Themes subscription, you don’t just get access to Divi. You also get access to all the other themes by the company, and even all the templates.
The Black Friday deal offers excellent value for a reduced price – I can’t recommend it enough.

I already have Divi. Can I upgrade my subscription for a reduced price on Black Friday?

Companies typically don’t allow this; however, you can contact support and try your luck.

More things to know before getting the Divi Theme Black Friday Deal 2021

The visual builder and attractive layout of the themes impact the server load, so the webpage takes considerably more time to load at the browser’s end.

To let the page rank higher in SERP, it should load quickly, and web pages should be accessible to crawlers. While using these highly scalable Divi Themes, your web page might get slower. So, ensure that you are ready to cope with this situation before buying.

Works with only WordPress. If you are using any other content management systems like Shopify, Magento, DotNet, etc. then you cannot use Divi themes. Grab Divi Theme Black Friday deal only when you are planning to use WordPress as your CMS.

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Divi Theme Black Friday Deal 2021 Conclusion

The pricing structure of this tool might seem overwhelming to beginners. Although for professionals, freelancers, and agencies who love Divi Themes can surely go with the premium version.


However, if you like any other theme more, then you might want to go for that. Divi themes also provide a 30-day trial period once you sign-up on the website.

Do let us know what you think about Divi Themes in the comments.

If you have used Divi Themes, then share your comments about the experience with this product.

If you are using any other framework for the visual builder to develop your WordPress websites, share your feedback in comments on those tools to help other readers.