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How to Use Microsoft Clip Art?

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How to use Microsoft Clip Art? Yeah probably it’s one of the most basic questions but you can’t ignore the fact that you don’t know the answer to it (neither did I couple weeks ago).

The point is Microsoft word is overloaded with so many other diverse features like shapes and 3D forms and shadows etc that no one gets the idea of using Clip art these days,.

But being honest, they’re one of the most “descriptive” features we get with Microsoft Word. So ofcourse I’ll answer your question related to how to get Microsoft clip art with a bonus Microsoft clip art site.

But before that let’s start from the basics.

What are Clip Arts?

Pay attention that I’m talking about “clip arts” in general and not only “Microsoft clip arts”. Take “Clip Arts” to be the “older, computer version” of emoji.

Well they basically are just “pictures” of something distinct, say a church, a cat, a pen or anything in general. They’re meant to give a concrete idea of what they are.

Why “Clip” Arts?

The name originated from the fact that, in the older days when there was the computer wasn’t as popular as it’s today, people used to actually “cut and paste” real paper clippings.

Meaning if they needed the clip art of a cat, they’d find a newspaper or a magazine and cutout the cat from there and then paste it onto their own projects.

File-Formats of Clip Arts:-

You need to understand that Clip arts aren’t normal “jpg” images, even if they do look like “IMAGES”. They have a very distinctive file-format(s).

They’re either available as Bitmap images, or Vector files.

Bitmap images are “unique” in regards to their quality and resolution. During the creation of the image, the resolution is fixed and that’s what the whole image operates upon.

So in short, if you enlarge a bitmap image, the image would get blurred because the pixels are fixed.

But not Vector images. If your clip art uses “vector” formats, in that case it’s made up of lines, dashes, pixels, polygons etc which aren’t “fixed pixels”.

So in that case you can extend an image to any size you want and the quality would still be maintained. For the simple fact that the image isn’t based on “fixed” pixels but instead on lines and polygons.

How to Use Microsoft Clip Art?

The processes slightly differ for Microsoft 2003/2007 and 2010. Although the basic concept and buttons are the same, only the “location” of the buttons have been shifted.

Anyway, here’s how to Use Microsoft Clip Art in Word 2003:-

1. Place the cursor where you want to insert the clip art.

2. Then click on insert menu.
How to use microsoft clip art

3.  Find the “pictures” option down there and click on it.

How to use microsoft clip art

4. It will being out a sub-menu which will have “clip art” clearly placed over there. Click on it.

how to get microsoft clip art

5. This will bring out the clip art search sidebar. This is where you can search for clip arts of your need. Just type in the keyword for whatever clip art you need.

microsoft clip art site

Done! You would get clip arts and you can directly just click on them to integrate them to your word articles/page.

How to Use Microsoft Clip Art in Windows 2007:-

As I said the process is the same, the only thing that has changed is the positioning of the buttons.

So you again need to click on “insert” button which is placed on the top-bar.

microsoft clip art site

The options would come up and you can see the “clip art” button placed right next to “pictures”. Just click on it.

microsoft clip art site

Clicking there would again bring up a slightly modified search box for Microsoft Word 2007. Again key-in your keyword for the clip art.

microsoft clip art download

And finally just find the clip art you want to insert, and click on insert.

microsoft clip art download

Done! The Clip art would get inserted into your page and you can save/print the file according to your needs.

A little Something Extra:- Here are some Microsoft clip art download sites or forums which will help you get additional clip arts for your Microsoft Word:-

Final Verdict:-

While downloading Microsoft word Clip arts, always try to download the “vector” images /clip arts as they’ll be better in quality and their resolution isn’t fixed meaning you can scale them up to any resolution.

Although you can also use bitmap images if the provided resolution is what you need and you won’t be modifying the resolutions later, it’s “possible” to modify the bitmap resolution but the pictures would get blurry for sure.

Also while downloading Microsoft Clip arts pay special attention that you’re downloading only bitmap and vector files, as I’ve just noticed some malicious sites offering .exe files as “clip arts” which aren’t clip arts and are most probably viruses and Trojans which will not only harm your system but have the potential to ruin your privacy as well.

So that was all I had on How to use Microsoft clip art folks. Hope this piece helped. If it did I’d appreciate if your leave your comments and feedbacks in the comments sections.,

Also if you’ve any doubts, questions or any other solution to the above discussion, feel free to share them with us in the commentbox.

Not to mention I wouldn’t mind in the least if you hit the share button and share this piece with your folks. It would help us get more eyeballs and keeps us motivated.

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