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How to Move Columns in Excel?

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Do you ever want to know How to move columns in excel? If yes, then you are at the perfect place. We will be guiding you through the entire processes via two methods.

The skill of moving columns in excel may come handy when you want to transfer data from one column or row to another quickly. So, give a thorough read to this article and equip yourself with this skill which will help you in the longer term.

How to Move Columns in Excel?


Method 1: Using Excel Menus.

In this process, we will make use of the options available in the Excel menu. So, without being a twerp by unnecessarily focusing on the less important stuff, let’s dive straight into the method.

Step #1: In this very first step, you need to open up the worksheet on which you want to perform the respective manipulation that is the moving of the column. For this, you can move on to the storage folder of the document and double click on it. This way you can open your excel workbook.

How to Move Columns in Excel

Now, once you have your workbook open in front of you, so you can indeed proceed with the next steps.

Step #2: Now, it’s kind of obvious that if you want to move something, then you will first have to select it. In this step, you are required to do the same. Select the column(s) which you want to move. You can simply click on the column header to select the whole. One can spot the column header easily as the letter over the data.
This makes the step way easy.

How to Move Columns in Excel

By performing this step, half of the battle is won. Now, we are few steps away from the desired result.

Step #3: Now, head towards the navigation ribbon and click on “Home”. This will open a bar with many options.

How to Move Columns in Excel

Locate “cut” option and click on it. Alternatively, you can use the default keyboard shortcuts like “CTRL + x” in windows and “Command + x” key in Mac operating system. Go, whichever way it feels like going.

After going through the cut option, the selected column will look like this. If you are getting something similar to this on your workbook, then you are going great. Now, just follow the next steps.

switch excel columns and rows

Step #4: Now, select the column where you want to move the desired column. For that, you can choose any blank column and click on the header of it.
How to Move Columns in Excel

Now, all that you require doing is to navigate for the “Home” option and then to the “insert” option. Once you have located the insert option, now you require clicking on the bottom down arrow which will open a menu for you. From the menu, you need to select “insert cut cells”. The moment you have done this, you will have the column moved to the desired position.

How to Move Columns in Excel

The final result will look like this.

How to Move Columns in Excel


Method 2: Using Drag and Drop.

This method is by far the easiest way in this series. All that you require doing is to drag your column to the desired position. To make it easier for you, we will be showing you the step by step processes backed up with illustrations.

This method will help you in your quest of How to move columns with Drag and drop? Or How to easily reorder rows using drag and drop?
So, let’s get started:

Step #1: Open the Excel document on which you want to perform the action.

Step #2: In this very second step, you need to select the desired column which you want to move. For that, consider clicking on the top header which will ultimately select the entire column for you.

How to Move Columns in Excel

Now, let us suppose that we want to move the B column to the C column. So, we will do the thing for which you will have to look out for our next step.

Step #3: Now, position your mouse at the column till you get the following kind of cursor. Once you have got the following cursor, you are now free to drag the column to the desired position.

How to Move Columns in Excel

After doing so, your workbook will look like the following.

How to Move Columns in Excel

So, this way you have successfully moved the data of a column to another.

Now, here comes the turn of the rows. If you want the move one row to another, then all that you require doing is to select the row, position the mouse till you get the four directional arrow like cursor and then move the data to the desired position.

Kindly take a note that if you will try to move your data from a row to another which is already having some data, then you will get a prompt like this. Just confirm your action, if you wish to and this way you can easily move data from a row.

How to Move Columns in Excel

Just in case, if you want to move multiple columns then you can also apply the same tactics as mentioned. All you need to do is to select all the columns which you want to move to another. Do not forget to press and hold the Alt key while selecting multiple columns else you won’t be able to select them altogether.

How to Move Columns in Excel

After this, you can drag the selected portion to your desired columns, and this will do the needful for you.


So, these are the two methods with which you can switch Excel rows and columns. We hope that by using any of these methods, you will be able to know how to move columns in excel? 

If you are aware of any other ways, then do let us know through the comments section right below. Also, if you have some queries then kindly give us a line through the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

Additionally, if you liked this article then do not forget to share it with your peers.

Thank you for stopping by and giving it a wonderful read.

Stay tuned and keep visiting.

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